We are proud to have one of the highest rated communities in Murfreesboro, TN according to apartmentratings.com. Check out what other residents had to say about their experience at Camp Properties below!

Thank you for sending me the rental documents after our conversation last week. I am also impressed with your follow up email today, I can see why the reviews for gateway apartments are very favorable. I spoke to a very delightful person today by the name of Angie, she answered my questions and also gave me valuable information about the city of Murfreesboro.

My son will be attending Middle Tennessee State University this fall for graduate school, while he is finishing his undergraduate degree he has asked me to do some research into apartments. The first website I utilized was apartmentratings.com, the first apartment complex to appear was gateway apartments with a favorable rating of 96%. The reviews spoke very highly about the staff and management at the apartment and my experience with both yourself and Angie reinforces those reviews.

I have called over 12 different apartment complexes and not one has come close to giving me the help and information that I have received from you both. My conversations with both of you have been so easy, it almost seems like we have known each other before. I do not have the feeling you are trying to sell me something, rather you are trying to give us information to make an informed decision.

I hope to visit soon so that we can complete the rental forms and check “where to live” off his list of things to do. One of his classmates at North Dakota State University is also contemplating attending Middle Tennessee State. I will be sure to share my experience with her.

Thank You!

— Gerald K.

I love Gateway! We've lived here for one year and eight months, and we're going to renew our lease for a third year coming up! The one-bedroom has an awesome layout, which is essential when renting a smaller apartment. The office staff is super friendly, and most of them have been there since before we moved in. In the time that we've been here, we have never had to place a work order. I repeat, NEVER HAD TO PLACE A WORK ORDER! The management and maintenance are super proactive. They spray for bugs every month. They keep up with landscaping really well. It stays pretty calm and quiet here, even on the weekends. I could seriously go on and on. I'm so happy we found this place. If you want a complex that's NOT filled with rowdy college kids, then this is your place!

My wife and I were looking for an apartment in the area. We have a house in Atlanta but, we both work in Tennessee most of the time. We are expecting a new baby and we wanted an apartment that not only had great amenities but, was going to not be crazy expensive. Well, its not a surprise we settled on Gateway. It's clean, quiet, and meticulously landscaped. The units are well maintained and we have modern fixtures, new carpet, laminate "hardwood", a washer/dryer IN THE APARTMENT (!!!), and a dishwasher. A beautiful pool on property and a really, really nice fenced in dog park! Plus, there are bags and disposal stations thru out the complex for convenience. Those are some of the highlights. Not too shabby, especially since the last apartment we were in had a dishwasher that didn't work as much as my wife needed. But, what can I say? I was tired when I came home some days and I didn't feel like hand washing dishes. Ha!

Now, to get back to explaining the awesomeness......

The office staff and maintenance team are complete Rockstars. Angie is the manager and she is perfect. If you need it taken care of, it will be handled. The complex is pretty much across the street from the Kroger shopping center, and, next door to the gas station with a Krystals. Pretty convenient for the husband of a smokin hot pregnant chick. We are about 30 minutes from downtown Nashville, about the same from Opry Mills/Opryland. Close to the malls, great dining, the VA medical center in Murfreesboro, the Greenway (river and walking trails), some Civil War battlefields for the history buffs, and many, many other fun and cool places to go.

Come check it out. You will not be dissapointed. Also, if you are active military or a card carrying Veteran, let them know. They have a great military discount! I hope this helps anyone looking. Good luck.

These apartments are wonderful. They are very nice on the inside, nothing too fancy, but they had ceiling fans, plenty of windows, and nice open floor plans. We stayed here for 9 months and had our heater go out, and they fixed it within 2 hours. I had to relocate to Texas for a job, and I constantly compare any apartments I look at to Gateway. The staff in the office is very friendly, and I felt very safe here.

Parking was awesome, it is hard to beat being able to park 10 feet from your door (its great when its cold or raining).
The ONLY downside is the fire station is near by, so occasionally you'll hear a siren or too, but it wasn't bad, and we (after about a week) hardly noticed them. I really wish I could still be here. Utilities were relatively cheap (insulated well), and never saw a bug.

Would recommend to anyone, I give them five stars, an A and a 10 out of 10.